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Private Enterprise Programme Zambia
5 Katemo Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka

Phone: +260 211 259 974
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What is the Private Enterprise Programme Zambia?

Funded by UKaid, the Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ) is a five-year programme that is building and strengthening the capacity of Zambian micro, small and medium enterprises in the private sector.  PEPZ works with all types of businesses, from start-up entrepreneurs to established firms, in order help diversify the Zambian economy and to create jobs.

PEPZ is made up of four interlinked components: Business Linkages, Business Development Services, the Nyamuka Zambia Business Plan Competition, and an Accelerator Fund.

Business Linkages

PEPZ’s Business Linkages Programme is working to strengthen the relationship between local suppliers and large national and international corporates.  We achieve this by finding potential partnerships and providing information and technical assistance in order to bring local companies to a level where they meet the needs and expectations of the customer. 

Business Development Services

PEPZ’s Business Development Services component exists to promote and accelerate the development of forward-thinking small and medium sized companies by improving their access to effective business development and support services.  We provide financial assistance to qualified providers of business development advice who are seeking to provide increasing levels of operational, strategic or training support to small and medium sized firms. 

Nyamuka Zambia Business Plan Competition

Nyamuka Zambia is a business plan competition which seeks to inspire ambitious people with great business ideas to turn those ideas into reality.  Nyamuka Zambia provides all competitors with business planning workshops, coaching sessions and opportunities to connect with the wider world of business. 

Full details on Nyamuka Zambia Business Plan Competition:

Accelerator Fund

Managed by Kukula Seed Fund on behalf of PEPZ, the Accelerator Fund offers impact investment to suitable small and medium sized companies who are capable of transformative growth.  The fund provides patient capital, technical assistance and mentoring support to investment-ready firms in order to increase their competitiveness as well as create jobs.



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